Dream Projects LA

Established by real estate developer and investor Gala Asher. Based in Beverly Hills the company is dedicated to creating extraordinary homes and furnishings.

About the developer - Gala Asher

Gala Asher is one of the premier developers in Los Angeles, with many luxury homes developed and sold in the Beverly Hills and Bel Air areas. Prior to launching his real estate development company, Gala was a decorated Air Force Captain, earned a law degree, and was a celebrated songwriter and music producer.

Creativity, Vision and Design

With the heart and soul of an artist, Gala’s passions are design, music and art. Through the last fifteen years, he has developed a unique style that incorporates all of these elements with his timeless sense of aesthetics. His projects reflect his extraordinary discipline and attention to detail, with a particularly strong emphasis on space, light, function, and glamour. Grand indoor/outdoor entertaining spaces and intimate family areas are hallmarks of a Gala Asher estate.

Dream Projects LA


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